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LLC "UralComposite" developer and manufacturer
refractory ceramic composite materials, offers to your attention

Heat-insulating mixture TIS "AKKUTHERM1650" is designed to reduce heat loss and to combat chafing in iron ladles of blast furnace production. In contrast to heat-insulating mixtures with lower bulk density on the biogenic basis or inflated vermiculite or perlite this material has a number of advantages:

- Reduced emissions due to the lack of intense combustion of the organic component and the volatile light fraction;

- increased thermal insulating properties with a long exothermic effect due to the significant energy potential;

- possibility of kickback into the transport or swing chute at release.

The recipe for this material is fully developed by specialists of LLC "UralComposite

Form of packaging: polypropylene bags of 10 kg, packed in cartons of 1 ton.

The price of the material: available on request.Conditions of delivery: self-delivery from a warehouse in Chelyabinsk.

Production time: 20 working days from receipt of an official request.

Video - Akkutherm-1650 TIS kickback into the transport chute 

Chelyabinsk Komsomolsky avenue 90 office 505